Oldest market in Kolkata

It is situated on Lindsay Street, Kolkata, just off Chowringhee Road.

New Market, also known as Hogg Market, is Kolkata’s oldest and biggest market. Over 2000 organized and unorganized shops operate here.

It was difficult for me to take shots maneuvering the crowd

From garments, accessories, flower, crockeries, utensils to the finest of street foods, it has got everything imaginable.

It is the richness of colours everywhere around me and I captured some.

The market can be hugely crowded, particularly this time before Dugra Puja, but if you’re geared for a bargain, or the unforgettable experience, it is not to be missed.

Though the place is messy and chaotic, but you will love it.

Despite the appearance of new modern stores and shopping malls, New Market remains at the core of the shopping experience in the city.