Kolkata কোলাজ – A College Street Pictorial

This part of ‘City of joy’ is not all about the hustle and bustle; here it is all books, culture and nostalgia.

College Street – Trams are not the same anymore. It just don’t have that blueish vintage feel to it, but, it still runs nonetheless.

But the people and the diverse culture remain the same till now.

College Street-Boubazar – দাদা বিয়ের card লাগবে?

গল্পের বই পড়া ভুলে গেছি – College Street is no more the গল্পের বইয়ের ঠিকানা। Almost every book shop is filled with study books. Its so sad to see. Very few shops are selling traditional গল্পের বই।

কফিহাউসের সেই আড্ডাটা – আছে। But, the times are changing. Over the last six decades, the Indian Coffee House has been favourite with artists, actors, poets, filmmakers, intellectuals like Sakti Chattapdhya, Sunil Gangapadhya, Satyajit Ray, Soumitra Chatterjee, Amartya Sen and many more. Here, where the ideas are exchanged and so are the views.

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  1. ছবির মতো ই সাবলীল আপনার ভাষা। ভালো লাগলো।

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